Major Industries


In 1901, Southeast Texas made headlines around the world with the discovery of Spindletop in Beaumont, Texas. Since that time, the region has solidified itself as a global necessity in oil, gas and chemical markets. Our proximity to navigable waterways, and multi-modal transportation infrastructure, has allowed Orange County to build an economy around the manufacture of chemicals and plastics.


Orange County's maritime industry has a legacy dating back to the 17th century when early pioneers crossed the Texas banks of the Sabine River. Because of its riverbanks, the community soon established port operations, welcoming cotton-carrying cargo ships sailing the Sabine River. As war times approached, Orange County's ability to receive lumber from the north quickly presented itself as an opportunity to support World War II efforts. Almost overnight the community more than doubled in population and turned out vessel after vessel from the local shipyards. This legacy still continues today, adapting to the more modern demands of water transportation. 

Transportation and Logistics

Interstate 10 is a critical asset to Orange County and is the main artery between Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Nearly 90,000 vehicles pass through Orange County on a daily basis. Access to an interstate throughfare, three major ports, three Class I rail carriers, and a superior pipeline newtork, allows Orange County the opportunity to succeed in the logistics and distribution sector. 

Skilled Workforce

A network of institutional training providers, as well as industry and non-profit partners, have developed programs and educational opportunities to establish a sustainable workforce. 

Current in demand careers opportunities:

Seaman Longshoreman Locomotive Engineer Truck Driver Welder Operations Manager

Education and Training Resources